Tour Booking - Conditions and Payment Options

  1. Your place on the tour can be reserved with a 25% deposit of $850.
  1. You can also pay in full at time of reservation - Early Bird $3179, Full Price $3399. 
  1. It is also possible for you to pay directly in Japanese yen.
  1. A place cannot be held for you if you have not paid.
  1. Booking is on a "First come - first served" basis.
  1. Balance of $2549 must be paid before August 12th, 2020.
  1. An early bird booking discount will be given for payment in full before February 14th, 2020. (Full cost with early-bird discount: $3179)
  1. Payment by credit card through Paypal (Australia) will incur an additional 2.9% fee (Paypal's fee)
  1. Payment options are:

Payment Method


*Preferred Method* 

Direct Transfer to Bank Account

Pay direct to our bank account through internet banking. Convenient, instant and no fees.

BSB: 193-879
Account number: 439 500 781
Account Name: Australian Mokuhanga School
Reference: Kyoto Tour & Your Name

Pay Pal - Japanese Yen

*no fees for using this option

Japanese Paypal Account, where you can pay with your credit card through their secure system.

Deposit ¥65000

Early Bird Full ¥242000

Full Fee ¥262400

Log on to Paypal and pay to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pay Pal - $AU

Please contact us by email so we can confirm the right amount. We will send you an email with a link to Paypal, where you can pay with your credit card through their secure system.

*incurs additional 2,9% charge, see the following:

Deposit +$24

Early Bird Full +$92

Full Fee Balance +$96

Log on to Paypal and pay to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Refunds & Cancellations

If we cancel the Tour

 If you cancel your booking

1. If there are insufficient numbers to run the tour and the tour is cancelled, a full refund will be given.

2. If the tour is cancelled by us for reasons to do with our operation / personal circumstances a full refund will be given.

3. If the tour is cancelled due to circumstances outside our control, some fees (accommodation and non-refundable expenses) may be deducted, depending on the closeness of the cancellation date to the tour start date. 

 1. Within 3 months of the tour start date a $50 administration fee will be deducted

 2. Within 2 months of the tour start date a $200 fee will be deducted to cover administration and other costs

 3. Within 4 weeks of the tour start date 50% fee will be deducted

 4. Within 2 weeks of the tour start date 100% fee will be deducted

Tour Changes

  1. The tour itinerary may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to deliver the itinerary as planned.
  1. Days or tour items may be swapped due to weather, closures or other circumstances.
  1. Accommodation may be changed due to availability or other circumstances beyond our control. Every effort will be made to secure alternative comparable quality, location and cost accommodation.


  1. You are accepted on the tour as represented, the tour requires walking and stair mobility.
  1. If you are not able to walk 2 to 3 kilometres at a time, at a leisurely pace, without problem, or climb stairs as required, then you may not be able to participate in all the activities of the tour. Some days our combined walking distance may be over 10 kilometres.
  1. In this event we take no responsibility for your participation on a day to day basis. However guidance will be given to the best of our ability.

Allergies and Medical Emergencies

  1. You are asked to disclose relevant allergies, particularly food, so your guide can assist you with food and restaurant choice. Before booking the tour, please contact us to determine any degree of difficulty your allergy / food restrictions might cause. Information is available about food restrictions / diet / allergies, please contact us before booking the tour.
  1. Your guide is not a native speaker / reader of Japanese, or medically qualified, so cannot take responsibility for your food choices. There is a degree of risk involved due to language / labelling understanding and differing cultural approaches to allergy etc.
  1. You are strongly advised to prepare yourself for your needs and to have adequate and appropriate medical insurance. Any medication you require is your own responsibility.


What is Mokuhanga?


Detail of traditional print "Haru Nano Higashi Genji" by Kunichika Toyohara


Mokuhanga is the traditional water based printing technique, originating in China and perfected in Japan.

A print is created through design, carving blocks for each colour, then printing each colour successively until the print edition is completed.


Mokuhanga is the Japanese word for wood block print. The Japanese characters 木版画 are 木 wood, 版 block and 画 picture.


In Japan its meaning is the print itself, but in general contemporary use it means both the print and the technique. Mokuhanga is growing in popularity worldwide as learning becomes more accessible to people outside of Japan.



Kunisada Printmaking tripty




Mokuhanga is chemical free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, uses relatively simple hand tools and equipment and requires little space to produce beautiful work. The natural beauty of the materials - wood, pigment and hand-made paper are all retained and enhance each other. A great choice for Artists or any creative person!


no-poisons no-press




Terry McKenna Mokuhanga

This is a short video showing teacher Terry McKenna making one of his mokuhanga...

You can find more about Terry's work on his dedicated website at www.egaku.com.au

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