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A variety of specialized brushes are available in different shapes and sizes. This great selection will accomplish most of the work you will undertake. You won't find these mokuhanga brushes in shops anywhere else in Australia.

¥ 690
(¥ 627 excl Tax)
15mm Hake Add to cart
¥ 920
(¥ 836 excl Tax)
20mm Hake Add to cart
¥ 1165
(¥ 1059 excl Tax)
24mm Hake Add to cart
¥ 630
(¥ 573 excl Tax)
Surikomebake #3 Add to cart
¥ 745
(¥ 677 excl Tax)
Surikomebake #4 Add to cart
¥ 1146
(¥ 1042 excl Tax)
Surikomebake #6 Add to cart
¥ 2062
(¥ 1875 excl Tax)
Surikomebake #10 Add to cart
¥ 2100
(¥ 1909 excl Tax)
Marubake 60mm Add to cart
¥ 4774
(¥ 4340 excl Tax)
Mizubake #5 Add to cart
¥ 5728
(¥ 5207 excl Tax)
Mizubake #6 Add to cart

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