Carving Set 7 Tools

¥ 2870
(¥ 2609 excl Tax)
Weight: 250 g

This set of tools is inexpensive but of relatively good quality. The tools are made from good steel that holds its edge (will sharpen to a fine edge that lasts), have comfortable painted wooden handles, and come in a wooden box.

The set contains a 7.5mm knife, 3, 6 & 9mm gouges, 4mm V chisel, and 4.5 & 7.5mm flat chisels.

With a 9 mm gouge, this set makes shorter work of clearing larger areas.

Student price, but good performance! These tools are far superior to other sets (lino cut tools) available in art supply shops. Designed to give good results with wood, they can also be used for lino cutting. Buy from us!

woody 7 detail 300w

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