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Fundamentals of Mokuhanga - a Comprehensive Online Workshop

Would you like to learn but don't have access to a teacher, or can't come to Japan? This workshop is perfect for you! This online workshop will give you an authentic foundation to create your own mokuhanga - Japanese woodblock print. 

I want to say how exceptional I thought your beginner on-line workshop is. I think you have really created something special.
- George Ledyard 2021


We can teach you authentic skills and knowledge from Japan in the comfort and safety of your own place. In this online workshop you will engage with the process from designing your own creation, transferring your design, carving, printing and editioning your first print. Whether you have created your own design or followed the one I’ve provided in this workshop, you will grasp the authentic fundamentals of Japanese woodblock printing.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners through to experienced printmakers wanting to learn mokuhanga. If you already have some experience, or have attended one of our workshops or our Japan residencies, you can use units as you like to refresh your memory or answer some lingering questions.

Read more about the details below, and sign up to one of our subscriptions on this page.



"I am so excited to share about this online program. If you are interested in learning this beautiful art form, Terry's thorough, thoughtful approach is just what every student dreams of."
- Monique Wales 2020


"Many thanks for putting together such an outstanding program online. There is no equal. Your attention to details and finer points are superb."
- Dr Phil Jones 2020


"This is an excellent course and very user friendly. Fantastic value at the price. I am very excited to have been able to access it, having done a weekend workshop with Terry previously. I'm loving the fact that I can rewatch the videos as many times as I like and really take my time understanding the procedure."
- Jenny Kyng 2020



To take part in the workshop there are two membership options:

One Year Subscription - 



Three Month Subscription -



It's great value! ¥10,000 is only about $US95, €79 or $AU130! Less than a weekend workshop, and you will learn much more!

Each subscription gives you full access to the workshop materials. You can view all the tutorial videos as many times as you want, and download and keep the comprehensive notes for each unit.

Payment for the online workshop is through Paypal (a small fee is charged on top of the workshop cost) and you can enrol by subscription through the module on this page.


Why We Developed this Workshop

We started developing this workshop in September 2019, thinking about helping to reduce global emissions, and it is now a perfect resource for people to access during the current pandemic. Opening in early April 2020, we believe this is the first online workshop in mokuhanga available in the world and have made every effort to make it a valuable learning resource for printmakers and creative people from all over the world. We understand that it’s difficult for most people to find the time and resources to visit Japan to learn, and we’ve been asked many times to teach workshops in places where people cannot access mokuhanga teachers or resources. This online resource is for you!

We are currently working to extend the resources available here to more advanced techniques and processes that build your skills and knowledge, adding additional units and workshops. This workshop however covers the fundamental techniques in some detail which will be your starting point. With over fifty instruction videos, its easily the most comprehensive mokuhanga learning resource available. We are teaching and practicing “Sosaku hanga”, that is “Creative Print”. Although we share many of the same tools and techniques with Ukiyo-e practitioners, our focus is on the artist completing every stage themselves. There are some differences of technique that will be explained as we progress.


Workshop Units

The workshop has the following units, and each unit has a range of learning resources. Instruction videos of varying length give you instruction and guidance. You can watch an experienced practitioner on each step of the process. Comprehensive notes with photographs and diagrams are also available, as well as links to appropriate resources.

1. Introduction

2. Design and Transfer

3. First Stage of Carving

4. Second Stage of Carving

5. Smoothing and Cutting Kentou (Registration)

6. Paper

7. Preparing for Printing

8. Basic Printing

9. Printing Your Edition

10. Key Block

11. Gomazuri

12. Next Steps

With more than 50 instruction videos and comprehensive notes, this workshop is a thorough, start to finish introduction to Japanese woodblock printmaking.

Sourcing Materials During the Covid Pandemic

Global supply systems have unfortunately been disrupted and it is difficult to buy direct from Japan for many countries. This article has some suggestions for sourcing suitable tools and materials in your own country.


Get the best use of your Online Workshop

Some hints and advice for getting the best use of your workshop subscription - Article is here


Mokuhanga Fundamentals Book and E-book

You can purchase the book or download the E-Book that covers the content of the online workshop, and more. The book gives a comprehensive step by step guide of the process, the tools used and advice and tips to get the best results.


This is a stand alone guide to mokuhanga, a great addition to your library, and we believe the best practical guide made available to date. You can find purchase the download, or buy the book in our online shop, by clicking the links below.

13 manual


Mokuhanga Fundamentals - Core Skills to Successfully Make your First Japanese Woodblock Prints

by Terry McKenna

E-Book Price ¥2,500 Printed Book Price ¥3,080

Purchase E-Book Here

Purchase Printed Book Here




Want to see what's in the book? View Free sample here : Look Inside

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The sample includes the list of contents, first page of the introduction and several pages of the tools chapter.



Beginner's Kits

We have put together a kit of tools and materials with which you can complete* your initial project. There are three options:

budget800 226259603

The tools and materials you need, with an inexpensive baren.


The same materials but with a better baren and carving tool kit.


The same materials with a Sosaku Sumi bamboo baren, kentou chisel and additional hake.


*Gouache and starch glue (our printing colours) are not included, you can easily source these at your local art supplies.