Intermediate Mokuhanga - Creative Print

Intermediate Mokuhanga - Creative Print

Intermediate Mokuhanga - Creative Print

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A flexible framework for Creative Mokuhanga.

(Coming January 2021! Thank you for your patience! We are almost done...)

Explore some different ways of designing and transferring your design as well as additional carving and printing techniques that lean towards a looser and more contemporary style of mokuhanga.

This workshop is designed to build additional techniques and on top of existing mokuhanga skills. If you do not have a solid understanding of basic mokuhanga processes, tools, materials and technique you are highly recommended to first complete our Mokuhanga Fundamentals workshop, as the content of this workhop assumes you have this knowledge.

As well as additional carving and printing techiques to enhance your work we also cover additional subjects such as sizing washi, tool sharpening and making hanko, all of which will enhance your existing skill base.




To take part in the workshop there are two membership options:

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It's great value! ¥10,000 is only about $US95, €79 or $AU130! Less than a weekend workshop, and you will learn much more!

Each subscription gives you full access to the workshop materials. You can view all the tutorial videos as many times as you want, and download and keep the comprehensive notes for each unit. Our publication "Sharp Tools"(worth ¥2,500) is also included with this subscription.

Payment for the online workshop is through Paypal or Stripe (Credit Card Payment) and you can enrol by subscription through the module on this page.



Workshop Units

The units in this workshop are arranged differently, you can “dip in” and discover different ideas and techniques as you like. Unlike the Fundamentals workshop, which followed the natural order to create and print your first project, this workshop is structured more as independent units that you can focus on separately to follow your interest.

   Workshop Units Description  Videos  
0 kyogo introduction promo100

 Introduction. Introduction and overview of the workshop, with advice about how to approach and use the units.

2 4 ink drawing promo105

 Design and Sumi-e. Some design ideas, how to make a design to keep four deckle edges on washi, using Sumi-e (ink drawing) as the basis for your design, introducing hanshita techniques (gluing your design to the block). We also introduce “muda-bori” (throw away cut) as a means of getting good registration without outlines

2 6 glueing thin washi promo107

 Kyogo. Carving a key block using your hanshita, and more about the knife tool. Creating and using Kyogo for colour separations, and gluing these to blocks.

tool sharpening introduction promo141

 Tool Sharpening. A very comprehensive guide to all aspects of sharpening your mokuhanga tools, including our "Sharp Tools" e-book.

dosa brushing on promo123

  Washi Preparation. Sizing washi using traditional methods and some preparation techniques before printing. How to prepare washi for printing with 4 deckle edges.

tou bokashi promo142

 Carving Techniques. A range of techniques and ways to prepare or enhance your blocks that extend your skills and allow for creative printing techniques.

bigger bokashi part 2 promo119

 Printing Techniques. Some specific printing techniques such as printing wood grain, large bokashi, baren-suji, achieving very flat colours, as well as some decorative techniques to incorporate into your design.


 Hanko. About hanko (personal seal) and how to use and make them.


 Putting it All together. Selecting and using a variety of these techniques to produce finished work.



Self-Assessment Before Starting

Before you undertake this workshop, you should have a solid grasp of the fundamental mokuhanga tools, materials and processes. The material presented here assumes you have this knowledge, and builds additional skills and knowledge on these fundamental skills. Without these foundations, you will have many questions and likely feel frustrated attempting the material presented.

Try this checklist to determine what you should already know and understand:

  • Carving processes of cutting outlines, clearing channels, cutting kentou and smoothing blocks
  • Types of carving tools used, their purposes and how to use them safely
  • Wood, including wood grain and suitable timbers for mokuhanga
  • Baren, the different types available, their purpose and how to use them
  • Mokuhanga printing process and how to achieve consistent basic print quality
  • Colours, the pigments used in mokuhanga and how to mix them
  • Washi, what it is made from and dampening for printing
  • Where to source tools and materials for mokuhanga

If you don't have a solid grasp of the above, we recommend first completing our Mokuhanga Fundamentals workshop, or purchasing our Mokuhanga Fundamentals book


How to Work through the Units

There is no set, natural order to follow as there was in our Mokuhanga Fundamentals workshop. In fact, I recommend looking at the units with carving and printing techniques which will then give you some ideas to include in your design. It’s better to include only one or two, and try multiple projects to gradually integrate them all into your skills.
Tools sharpening is a fundamental skill that you will need to continue to produce quality work and this unit, although a book in itself, is included for you to use at any time.


Our Demonstration Project

The project that I use has been designed to incorporate several new techniques and is intended to show those, not to suggest that you should include all of these in every mokuhanga project you create. You will see that with the blocks and techniques demonstrated we end up with several quite different prints. Normally I would pick and choose these techniques to suit particular projects, as trying to do too much may lead to unsuccessful prints. You can do a similar project of your own design to include these techniques, or even better, do several using different techniques for each project. The more mokuhanga you create, naturally you will improve, and gradually you will find your individual expression in the medium.


Get the best use of your Online Workshop

Some hints and advice for getting the best use of your workshop subscription - Article is here


Workshop Manual (coming soon....)

Would you like to get the information without committing to the workshop? You can also download the complete set of notes if you would prefer. They give a comprehensive step by step guide of the process, the tools used and advice and tips to get the best results. This can be a stand alone guide to mokuhanga, a great addition to your library, and the best practical guide made available to date. You can find the download in our online shop, by clicking the link below. (The manual is included in the online workshop subscription.)

13 manual 

Workshop Manual - ¥2,500 

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  Want to see what's in the manual? View Free sample here : Free Sample



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