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Carving tools for transforming your design and wood into a print-ready surface...


Quality sets and individual tools carefully selected to meet the requirements of students or professional artists, while keeping them affordable.


Using our knowledge of mokuhanga we have sourced the most appropriate tools for you. Browse the tools to find the set or tool you need...

¥ 2134
(¥ 1967 excl Tax)
Carving Set 5 Tools
¥ 2808
(¥ 2588 excl Tax)
Carving Set 7 Tools
¥ 427
(¥ 394 excl Tax)
Left Hand Knife Tool
¥ 18512
(¥ 17062 excl Tax)
Tou-no-ha Professional 7 Tool Set
¥ 3257
(¥ 3002 excl Tax)
Professional Knife Tool 6mm
¥ 3257
(¥ 3002 excl Tax)
Professional Knife Tool 3mm
¥ 3370
(¥ 3106 excl Tax)
1.5mm Professional Gouge
¥ 2134
(¥ 1967 excl Tax)
18mm Professional Gouge
¥ 3257
(¥ 3002 excl Tax)
Kentou Chisel
¥ 23250
(¥ 21429 excl Tax)
Professional Set 7 Tools
¥ 40323
(¥ 37164 excl Tax)
Professional Set 12 Tools
¥ 3062
(¥ 2822 excl Tax)
Moulded Sharpening Stone Coarse
¥ 3286
(¥ 3029 excl Tax)
Moulded Sharpening Stone Medium
¥ 4073
(¥ 3754 excl Tax)
Moulded Sharpening Stone Fine
¥ 742
(¥ 684 excl Tax)
Bench Hook

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