Washi... Beautiful Printmaking Papers from Japan...



Made from traditional fibres by master paper makers.. and perfect for Mokuhanga. Our papers have been selected to provide a practical range from student level to professional. Not only are these papers great for printing, their warm natural beauty will enhance your artwork, to create art pieces of lasting beauty. The two kanji that make Washi means Japanese paper...


Washi (Japanese traditional papers) have been produced for centuries and have been developed in tandem with the techniques of mokuhanga. They are perfectly suited to the technique and simply give far better results than Western papers.
You can find out more about washi here at Moriki Papers.


Our range papers have been selected to fit into three grades of quality and cost:

Beginner - Affordable quality Japanese printmaking papers that are perfect for experimenting with and developing your skills.
Intermediate - A step up in materials and quality, intended for serious artwork editions and maintaining convenience, price and ease of use
Professional - All 100% Japanese kozo, these papers are some of the best available. Hand made by master craftsmen, these will produce beautiful, subtle results.


Beginners / Student

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