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Your opportunity to learn mokuhanga - traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking - in amazing Japan!

Stay and learn, be inspired by the beauty and culture of Japan with access to amazing Tokyo only 1 1/4 hour away. We are based in the picturesque Alpine resort town of Karuizawa.

Our mokuhanga residencies are available from 1 week to almost 3 months and provides one-to-one tuition, a workshop equipped with a wide range of professional Japanese printmaking tools and equipment, and traditional tatami room accommodation.

The residency also provides the opportunity to view traditional and contemporary prints first hand, access a wide range of information and resources relevant to mokuhanga and to interact with a professional artist and teacher with international training, experience and exhibition history. The one-to-one tuition also allows the student to gain skills and knowledge, and to access information and resources not normally available in a workshop setting.

Step through the process of designing, carving and printing woodblock prints using traditional and contemporary techniques of Japanese water-based printmaking. Suitable for beginners through to professional artists, you will be able to produce your own work with assistance and guidance from Terry in all aspects of mokuhanga. Since opening in February 2019, we have had wonderful talented artists from Mexico, Australia, USA, England, France Spain, Italy, France, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.. it's fantastic to meet printmakers from all over the world.


Study with us to learn:

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Fundamentals skills of mokuhanga, design, carving & printing

Core assosiated skills: tool sharpening, understanding and maintaining tools and equipment, baren wrapping etc..

Appreciation and understanding: mokuhanga history, other artists work, concepts & ideas

Personal development: improving your mokuhanga practice, understanding Japanese culture, new friends and fun!!


My 7-week residency at the Karuizawa Mokuhanga School in Japan was an absolutely incredible experience. Learning the traditional Japanese woodcut technique, mokuhanga, under the guidance of the fantastic teacher Terry was a true privilege. His expertise and passion for the art form were evident in every lesson, making the learning process both enriching and enjoyable. The longer period I was there allowed me to really immerse myself in mokuhanga and also learn different techniques to experiment with in my work.

What made this residency truly special was the warm hospitality of Terry and his wife Aya. Their kindness and welcoming nature created a nurturing environment that allowed creativity to flourish. The moments spent with them, not just as mentors but as friends, added an extra layer of joy to the entire experience.
Interacting with a diverse group of international artists further enriched my time at the residency. The exchange of ideas and perspectives, coupled with the shared passion for mokuhanga, created a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. The friendships formed during this period are invaluable, extending the impact of the residency far beyond the studio.

Outside the studio, the enchanting town of Karuizawa revealed the beauty of Japanese nature and culture. Exploring the nearby attractions became a cherished part of my journey, and Japan's stunning landscapes left a lasting impression on me.

In essence, my residency at the Karuizawa Mokuhanga School was an unforgettable blend of artistic growth, cultural exploration, and the forging of lasting connections. I wholeheartedly recommend this residency to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of Mokuhanga while forging meaningful connections with fellow artists from around the world in the beautiful Japan.

- Noor Von Winkelmann (Belgium) 2023



This table allows you to see the overall cost of your residency, depending on the options you choose. Note that tuition is Monday to Friday, so each full week of seven days has 5 days tuition...

Karuizawa - alpine village with a rich history.. Located just over one hour from central Tokyo by shinkansen, Karuizawa is a charming alpine village filled with boutique shops, restaraunts and...