Mokuhanga Residency in Japan


Studio Pictures

A few pictures of the studio and location (winter...)!

carving studio24 print studio notice board37 print studio kitchen34 print studio kitchen336 entrance230 shared room view255 shared room detail350 detail27 street view57 shared room43 private room239 asama yama view20

Residency Costs Table

This table allows you to see the overall cost of your residency, depending on the options you choose.

Note that tuition is Monday to Friday, so each full week of seven days has 5 days tuition plus 2 additional nights stay. Depending on your dates starting and finishing, there may be some variation in the tuition days and accomodation nights. Please ask to confirm the cost.

Residency Costs Table                     
 Residency                  Tuition days Stay nights Tuition Only Tuition + Shared Room Tuition and Private Room    Own Creative Shared Room Own Creative Private Room Studio Use per day
5 Days 5 5 ¥50,000 ¥65,000 ¥75,000   ¥15,000 ¥25,000 ¥3,000
7 days 7 9 ¥70,000 ¥97,000 ¥115,000   ¥27,000 ¥45,000  
2 weeks 10 14 ¥100,000 ¥142,000 ¥170,000   ¥42,000 ¥70,000  
15 Days 15 19 ¥150,000 ¥207,000 ¥245,000   ¥57,000 ¥95,000  
3 weeks 15 21 ¥150,000 ¥213,000 ¥255,000   ¥63,000 ¥105,000  
4 weeks 20 28 ¥180,000 ¥260,500 ¥313,000   ¥84,000 ¥140,000  
5 weeks 25 35 ¥210,000 ¥308,000 ¥371,000   ¥105,000 ¥175,000  
6 weeks 30 42 ¥240,000 ¥355,500 ¥429,000   ¥126,000 ¥210,000  
7 weeks 35 49 ¥265,000 ¥394,500 ¥475,000   ¥147,000 ¥245,000  
8 weeks 40 56 ¥290,000 ¥433,500 ¥521,000   ¥168,000 ¥280,000  
9 weeks 45 63 ¥315,000 ¥472,500 ¥567,000   ¥189,000 ¥315,000  
10 weeks 55 70 ¥365,000 ¥536,500 ¥638,000   ¥210,000 ¥350,000  
      Tuition after 15 days
per day
 Shared room
per night
 Private room
per night
      ¥6000 ¥3000 ¥5000   ¥3000 ¥5000  

* Room rate reduces after 21 nights

Residency Options and Information


We have several options available for both study and stay.

Please look over the information here and check the availability calendars to make a booking or inquiry.

The cost of your residency will vary and is made up of two parts - Tuition and Accommodation which will vary according to the length of your residency and room choice.


Tuition - Includes use of the studio, tools and equipment

 Short Term 

 5 days -¥50000

 7 days - ¥70000

15 days - ¥150,000

These are tuition days - not covering weekends. For example, 7 days tuition requires one weekend as well for a total of 9 days stay.  

 Longer Term 

 After the first 15 tuition days, a reduced amount for tuition can be applied, ¥6000 per day, and after 30 days ¥5000

 Maximum stay 10 weeks.

Please see the residency costs table for examples. The final cost for your stay will depend on days staying, depending on arrival and departure days.

 Own Creative Residencies

 If you are a mokuhanga practitioner, you might like the opportunity to stay and use a well equipped studio to develop new work, gaining inspiration from being in Japan.

Accommodation daily costs and studio use of ¥3000 per day apply. We have a range of tools and materials to buy, and you can easily visit Tokyo for mokuhanga shopping! 

 Please see the Residency Costs Table to work out the cost.


Accommodation - charge is per night

We have priced the accommodation to be similar to low cost backpacker / guesthouse elsewhere in Japan. Actually accommodation in Karuizawa is considerably more expensive but we want you to have the same opportunity as other parts of Japan. so, the prices and facilities you get are a very good price.

You may require additional nights accommodation to cover weekend/s during the period of your residency, please check the calendar.

single room web 250

 Private Tatami room - ¥5000 per night

This is a 6 tatami mat room (2.6m x 3.5m), and has ample space, storage cupboards, sliding screens and shoji for privacy. It also has an external glass sliding door and exit. Located on the ground floor close to the kitchen and other facilities.

Bedding provided - futon, pillow, sheets, blankets

Also - small table, bedside lamp, kerosene heater for winter

shared room web 250(Privacy partition not shown)

 Shared Tatami room - ¥3000 per night

This is an 8 tatami mat room (3.5m x 3.5m), and has ample space, storage cupboards, sliding screens and shoji for privacy. Located on the second floor, you may or may not be sharing with male or female, depending on other bookings at that time. 

Bedding provided - futon, pillow, sheets, blankets

Also - privacy partitions and curtains, small tables  and bedside lamps, kerosene heater for winter.


 Other accommodation - elsewhere in Karuizawa

 Karuizawa is generally expensive to stay, however these are options you might look at:

Karuizawa Ekimae APA Hotel - reasonable price for single rooms and an easy walk to the studio.

 Koya Backpackers  - the only affordable / budget backpacker in Karuizawa area. Located in Naka-Karuizawa, 7 kilometers from our studio. Limited public transport is available.

 Hatagoya - motel style accommodation 6 kilometers from our studio.



Residency Bookings Calendar

Please check the calendars below for available times and accommodation at our studio.

When you contact us we can confirm availability with you - use the contact form on the right. We look forward to hearing from you!

Use the scroll bars to view other months... and if you are on a mobile device, you can swipe to move the calendar...






Mokuhanga Residency Information

Mokuhanga Studio Stay and Study Information

Welcome to our Mokuhanga Studio Residency. We want you to feel comfortable while you are with us, and also to get the best use of your time, so please read the following information. A more comprehensive guide will be emailed to you after your residency is confirmed.


About staying with us
We have had many people stay with us short or longer term, and enjoy the company, and especially teaching you about mokuhanga. We look forward to see your work and progress. We hope you feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. The studio is a house is a semi-residential area, with two rooms available for accommodation, a carving studio, printing studio/kitchen, office, and other household facilities. While you are staying please make yourself comfortable. You will be shown the facilities and what is available to use when you arrive. 

About the neighbourhood
There is a mix of residential homes, holiday houses and shops as our neighbours. We ask you to respect the quiet and orderly nature of the area and Japanese society in general - everything you do reflects no only on yourself but also on our studio and standing in the community, and visitors to Japan in general. We do have some house rules, please make yourself familiar with them.

We are located in Karuizawa, a short 10 minute walk from Karuizawa station (Shinkansen & local trains). A well-stocked supermarket is nearby, as well as a Post Office, convenience store, restaurants and cafes, There are many pleasant walks around town and in the nearby hills to enjoy in your break times. Tokyo is just over an hour away by shinkansen, and there are many interesting destinations further into Nagano either by local trains or shinkansen. Karuizawa itself is a famous resort town with many facilites and is often very busy with domestic and international tourists.

Karuizawa Weather
Karuizawa is an alpine resort town, while summers are generally very comfortable without the extreme heat and humidity of other parts of Japan, winters are cold and with occasional heavy snow. The studio has a wooden floor, which is cold on the feet so please bring warm slippers, even in warmer months.

Studio Timetable
• Tuition available from 11.00am until 5.00pm
• Lunch 12pm (according to progress) for about half an hour
• Tea / Coffee break - any time we feel like it!

You may continue to work on your own as you feel like. Please make the most of your opportunity.

TV / Internet / Phone
These are not provided at the studio - please arrange your own phone and internet access before you arrive. There is free Wi-fi available at Karuizawa station, just a short walk away.

Bathroom / Laundry
The bathroom and toilet is shared, and a washing machine is available for you to use when you wish. Clothes are hung outside to dry on the second floor verandah. We have a Japanese style bath which is very nice to relax in!

Smoking / Alcohol
There is no smoking allowed in the studio. You may enjoy a little alcohol as you feel like outside work hours, but we don't want this to interfere with your study, or to create any disturbance with other students or neighbours.

There are no pets at the studio, and no facility for pets to stay.

Inviting guests to the studio is not allowed without prior permission.

About preparing meals
You are free to prepare meals and drinks as you feel like it. The kitchen is also used as our printing studio, so please make sure you have tidied up after your meals. You are welcome to eat your meals wherever is convenient, however please take care not to spill food or drink on the tatami mats.

General cleanliness
You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and making the work areas, shared facilities, bathroom and toilet good to use both for yourself and other people using the studio. There is no room service, it's up to you to keep your room tidy. Feel free to use the washing machine to wash your sheets as you feel like.

Shoes are not worn inside the studio, as is almost universal in Japanese houses. The small entrance area (genkan) has a cupboard to store your shoes. Slippers are worn inside as needed.  (please don't wear the slippers outside)

Tatami mats
Your bedrooms have tatami mats which have some rules - only socks or bare (clean) feet may be used on the tatami. This is a universal rule in Japan! You may take food or drink into your rooms, but please take care not to spill anything on the mats. You will be required to pay for an damage to the mats.



Residency Availability


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Residency Application

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