News Flash - Tourist Visa Entry now available from October 11 onwards!

This means there is no need now to go through the process of applying for a business visa, as outlined below.



Apply for a Visa to Enter Japan and Study with Us

Since March 2022, Japanese Immigration is now allowing a higher quota of entrants under a business type visa. Cultural exchange, in your case the practice of traditional Japanese Printmaking, Mokuhanga, is accepted under this category.

This means you can apply for this kind of visa to enter Japan while the borders are still closed for tourists. This visa allows you to enter Japan only for the purpose of experiencing mokuhanga, not for tourism. Your travel itinerary will be direct to our residency and back to the airport at the end. No tourism travel is allowed.

Step 1. Confirm your Residency Dates with us.

Using our online calendar and application form, apply for a residency with us. We will confirm the dates and cost with you.

Step 2. We Complete and submit an Entrants, Returnees and Follow Up Certificate.

We will need to use your passport and travel dates to apply on Japan's online system for an EFRS certificate. We can then send this, along with several other documents to you. These documents include an itinerary / activity schedule that outlines your travel to and from the residency and activities while you are here.

Step 3. You Apply for a Visa

You will need to apply for the visa yourself at your local consulate or Embassy.

Japanese Embassy / Consulate List

Please check with them what documents and form they require, whether you need an appointment, and also their expected decision time. The list at the bottom of the page is from the Ministry website, but additional information may be required by your local office.

Travel To Japan

One you have a visa, you will be able to enter Japan under your established travel plan. This is a Business / Study class visa, with some restrictions. The intention is to complete the study you have applied under and not to be a general travel visa, so do not plan to have travel periods before and after your study with us. It is possible for you to take weekend / local day trips during your study period, for purposes connected to mokuhanga study.

At the moment there is no indication of when the border closure for tourists will be lifted.


Your documents required:

Valid Passport

Visa Application Form (completed)

New Photograph (Standard Passport size)

Confirmation of Flights to Japan, or Details of planned travel

Proof of sufficient funds to cover all your travel expenses (eg. Bank Statement)

Certificate of Employment / Declaration of Income for Artist or Self Employed


We provide (by email):

Reason for invitation

Guarantee letter

Schedule of stay

ERFS certificate

Evidence of Business